Norfolk Horn Breeders Group

2016 Annual Census

51 flocks registered stock in the 2016 flock book.

79 flocks completed their 2016 annual census showing 1401 registered ewes, 390 registered shearling ewes and 267 registered ewe lambs (plus 60 birth notified shearling ewes and 412 ewe lambs).

91 registered rams, 48 registered shearling rams and 24 registered ram lambs (plus 15 birth notified rams, 14 shearling rams and 137 ram lambs).

7 flocks that registered stock or purchased sheep in the last 3 years did not complete their 2016 annual census and therefore their flock details can not be confirmed and are not included in the figures above.

It is free to birth notify your stock in their first year. Stock then need to be registered before they are used or tupped so that their progeny can be birth notified / registered.