Norfolk Horn Breeders Group


Shearling Ewe (Belsar N8718). Photo S Clover

The Norfolk Horn is a medium sized sheep, mature ewes weigh about 70kg. They are long in leg and body with narrow fore-quarters. Alert and active in character, it has a relatively fine head with a long straight profile. Both sexes are strongly horned, ideally with an open spiral, and the horns should not grow into the face or head. The fleece should be short stapled, close white wool. The wool on newborn lambs is invariably darker or mottled and this changes to white as the lamb gets older, although a limited amount of black fibres or black spots is permissible in the adult fleece. The black or dark legs and face should be free from wool. The feet should be black and the horns should not grow into the face or head

It is a hardy sheep, equally well adapted to the cold dry winters and hot summers of East Anglia. They are hardy, animals with good maternal instincts and excellent foraging abilities.