Norfolk Horn Breeders Group

Message from Grassroots

Message from Libby and Grassroots – don’t forget to notify your lambs and register anything going to the tup (including your tups) this year, before the end of the OCTOBER. NB Prices are going up on the 1st December! Also please do your survey and confirm who is alive, dead or those that you have and are no longer in your flock. Thank you 🙂
RBST Combined Flock Book FINAL REMINDER – 2017

The RBST Combined Flock Book closes at the end of this month and will be prepared for the printers in the first week of November. This will include all sheep registered in 2017 and the survey returns for the National flock.

If you have not yet sent in your return please do so as soon as possible. The survey is a very important part of our work and ensures that the RBST has accurate population figures for you breed. The results are published in the Flock Book and take into account your survey return including all the animals birth notified, registered, sold and logged as dead up to the end of October.

Paper reminders were sent out in the post last week.
Have You Logged your 2017 born lambs
All lambs should be logged in the year they are born.
Notification is FREE OF CHARGE

The 2017 Flock Book Closes on 31st October 2017
Small Increase in registry fees

The RBST, working with Grassroots Systems, has held the registry fees at the same level for 14 years. There will now be a small increase, to take affect from 1st December 2017.

There will be an increase of:
50p for females registered by post = £5.60 Inc VAT each

40p for females registered via the web =
£4.00 Inc VAT for Boreray, Castlemilk, North Ronaldsay and Whitefacted Woodland
£5.00 Inc VAT for Manx, Norfolk, Portland, and Soay
£5.60 for Soays registered in the USA and Canada.

And £1 for rams =
£10.70 Inc VAT for rams registered via the web
£11.70 for rams registered by post.

Birth Notification and Transfers will continue to be processed free of charge.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your assistance and continued support.

Libby Henson
Grassroots Systems Ltd, PO Box 251, Exeter, EX2 8WX