Norfolk Horn Breeders Group

Message from the Secretary


Please don’t forget to birth notify your lambs by 31st October, or register them if you want to get them in this year’s flock book. All lambs need to be birth notified in the year of their birth and then registered by the following October – this allows you to butcher anything you do not like, before paying registration fees unnecessarily. Lambs can change so much in their first 18 months.

Also please don’t forget to do your annual survey (under manage your flock in Grassroots) – this helps to keep your flock up-to-date – sales/deaths/slaughtered etc. Even if you do keep your flock up-to-date, please confirm that it is correct.

It is a good discipline to go through your flock each year and check who is alive and kill off or transfer those not in your ownership.

You can easily access the online Combined Flock Book by going to web links on the Norfolk Horn Breeders’ Group website and clicking on ‘combined flock book’.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact me.