Norfolk Horn Breeders Group

National Show & Sale Guidelines

The National Show and Sale of Traditional and Native Breeds –
8th and 9th September –

This is our premier show and sale. It is important to bring good quality sheep
that you are proud of; it is not good for your flock (or the Breeders’ Group) if
you bring sub-standard sheep. Any sheep not graded (white carded) should be
removed from the sale. It is our official pedigree breed sale, not a cull sale.

This year sheep entered in the show and sale will be card graded first, so that
we can start our show earlier. Only red and blue carded sheep can be shown.
The card graders will be Ted (Belsar flock), Lynn (Tilney flock) and Hamish
(Sandons flock). Our Judge this year is Simon (Pencroft flock).
All sheep will have coloured stickers put on their lot number to correspond
with their grading. This makes it easier for new breeders to pick out red, blue
or yellow carded sheep – particularly when there are 6 ewes in a pen!

There is a 24 hour veterinary practice – Crescent Vets – 01664 567724 next door to
the market should anyone need a vet urgently.