Norfolk Horn Breeders Group

NSA Event 2016

The Breeders’ Group had a stand at the NSA sheep event on 27th July at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern. It was the first time the Breeders’ Group had been represented at the event, where some 48 different breeds were on show including 9 rare breeds. The event is about everything SHEEP. It was one of those rare occasions where sheep breeders do not feel like second class citizens to cattle!

As well as the stands of different sheep breeds, there were trade stands for all kinds of equipment, seminars, workshops, fencing and handling equipment, demonstrations and also sheep dog displays.

We managed to put together a good stand with some new display boards with photos and information about the breed highlighting their qualities; we also had a fleece and some balls of wool on display. We had pens showing Norfolk Horn sheep including a shearling ewe, an ewe with one of her lambs (born March), an ewe lamb born in January and two Suffolk cross Norfolk Horn lambs. We also had a ram courtesy of Iain and Laura Stephen.
It was a busy day and we had a lot of interest. People were interested to see the breed that produced the Suffolk sheep and also what can be produced by cross breeding. One chap I spoke to was even considering a Norfolk Horn to inject some vigour into his flock of Suffolks!

I suspect it will be hard to attribute clear benefits from being at the event, but I feel is was worthwhile being there and certainly helped to raise the profile of our breed and to highlight the opportunities for the future of the breed.

Many thanks to Phil Pennington, Paul Furness and Tim Lugsden, Anne Lacy for all their help and support in manning the stand. In particular, thanks to Phil for help in planning the stand and setting it up. Also thank you to Iain and Laura Stephen for the loan of their ram and for the balls of wool.

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Sheep 2018 will be held on 18th July

by Ted Clover (Chairman of NHBG)