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RBST Combined Flock Book Survey 2015

RBST Combined Flock Book Survey 2015

The time has come around once again to carry out the annual RBST survey of Combined Flock Book breeds.

The results are published in the Flock Book but it would help Grassroots considerably if you could do the initial survey return NOW via the ‘manage your own flock’ section of the ‘on line’ flock book. This will save the RBST the printing and postage costs associated with sending you a paper copy. Any animals birth notified, registered, sold and logged as dead after you have completed the survey will automatically be included in your flock statistics.

To complete the survey ‘on line’ please go to the new RBST web site
• From the home page, on the left hand side of the screen there is a section called Combined Flock Book. click where it says ‘log into the Combined Flock Book ’
• Select your breed
• Type in your combined flock book (the leading zeros are important)
• and your password / access code (please email if you have mislaid your password)
• ‘Select manage your flock’
• confirm your email address
You may wish to log transfers of breeding sheep before clicking on the link to the survey page so that Grassroots can contact the new owners. Transfers are free of charge.

On the survey page you will find a list of all the animals Grassroots think you own. For each one tick if they are alive, dead or sold. Remember any deaths, sales, or lambs logged or registered later will automatically be added to your flock statistics.

All lambs should be logged in the year they are born, but they will be added to your statistics if you do the survey now and log them later. Notification is FREE OF CHARGE

Grassroots look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your continued support.