Norfolk Horn Breeders Group

Guidelines on choosing sheep for breeding, showing or fattening


Are you thinking of buying Norfolk Horn Sheep?
You can buy registered, birth notified or unregistered sheep. The best option is registered sheep, so ensure they are registered before you commit. It is up to the breeder to pay the registration fee of any sheep they breed.
Registered sheep have a registered number beginning with N and a three generation pedigree, come with a registration certificate and are entered in the Combined Flock Book. Their parentage can be followed back generations in the online combined flock book. (see link on ‘Links’ page of this website) Birth Notified sheep also have an entry in the online combined flock book, (number beginning XN) but do not have a pedigree certificate because the registration process has not been completed. They are however eligible for registration, once payment has been made to fully register them. Lambs are birth notified in their first year and can be registered up to the end of October in their second year – this allows sub-standard animals to be butchered before payment of the registration fee (or late payment for older animals).
Unregistered sheep are not recorded in the combined flock book as parentage cannot be verified. This does not necessarily mean that they are not purebred Norfolk Horns, but confirmation is not held of their parentage.
If you buy registered animals and you choose to breed from them – provided both parents are registered then the progeny can also be registered. Progeny of unregistered sheep cannot be registered.
If you are offered registered animals always check that they have the correct paperwork to support this. A registered sheep will have a pedigree certificate issued by Grassroots Systems Ltd. The sheep’s ear tag number should match that which is on the certificate.  Ear tag numbers can be checked in the online flock book, and the status of the animal verified.
You will only be helping this Rare Breed if you keep registered animals, and your returns will be greater if you can offer registered stock for sale.


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